5 Best portable charger (powerbank) for iPhone in 2022

Lookink Portable charger for your iPhone to long term using your device?

Safe and fast 🌀 speed portable power supplier that ensure the more power for emergency field charging and possible 2 to 4 times full 💯 charge for iPhone/ Galaxy or others Android  devices

In addition possible to emergency charges in your laptop and MacBook device by 30,000 mAH capacity power bank

#1. Cepetics Powerbank Portable Charger (10,000 mAH)

See to Amazon (At $21)

This portable power bank built for hight speed performance and classic slim design.Your iPhone quickly charging 

when trvelling or left anywhere

Although Cepetics is slim but it providing high speed charge to safely even cool your device


  • Two Device support at same time for iPhone android or others company devices
  • 10,000 mAH butter Supports full charging an iphone 2 times
  • Prgfect Travel adapter and Perfect companion for travel that safest designed by USA
  • USB C lighting Attachments are Charging any cell phone like as iPhone and iPone pro, Samsung galaxy in addition 
  • Support other rechargeable device sucah as Camera

Product details

Price          : $21               

Product Size   : 6×3×0.62 inches

Weight             : 10.8 Ounches


 Number          : OneCharger


Reviews           : 3.9 out of 5 (31 reviews)

Manufacturer   : Cepties

#2. Anker PowerCore Portable Charger (10,000 mAH)

See to Walmart (At $25)

Anker is one of the best US brand for Phone accessories and they built for high Speed charging performance

When you charign via this portable chager bank than you no need to attention for Device it Quickly safe charging to your

iPhone Android or other device

this is new iphone power bank only six reviews and all is five star rating


  • Anker multiprtect safity system ensure protection your device form hot
  • Voltageboost combine to deliver to fastest possible charging
  • USB-C Lighting cable for iPhone/android
  • possible to two times full charge for iPhone
  • Friendly customer service warranty for 18 month

Product details

Price        : $24.99

Brand       : Anker

Capacity  : 10,000 n-mAH

Reviews   : 5 out of 5

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#3. Keymax Portable chrger (20,0000 mAH)

See to Amazon (At $27.73)

Most small and lightest ultra compact bettery pack

built by dual port charging design and suprime safity protection for you and your device with micro USB cable


  • keymax power banks provide optimized charging for your phone
  • Exclusive comprehensive protection system to your device
  • You can 4 times full charge to your iphone and possible to 3 charging for Samsung note 10
  • Supports for simultaneous USB charging

Product details

price        : $27.73

Size         : 2.71×1.02×5.3 inches

widget     : 1.8 Ounches

Reviews  : 4.5 out of 5 stars

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#4. Baseus Power Bank (30,000 mAH)

See to Aliexpress (At $28)

Baseus is USB C powerbank that enough power supplier for iPhone, Android Also you can emergency charging your laptop/MacBook device

Amazing Portable charger that's allow three charger cable at a same time for your devices and this powerbank can be charge by different 3 type of space to your advantage


  • Emergency charging station for 3 device charge at a same time
  • Charge and store electricity one cable is enough for travel anywhere
  • Multi protection circuit design for Over charge protection, over power protection and short circuit protection 
  • Long bettery life and ensure the long time charge for your multiple devices 

Product details

Price       : $28


name      : Baseus


Capacity : 30,000 mAH

Widget    : 0.8 KG

Size         : 15×5×10 cm


raging      : 4.8 Out of 5 star

#5. KUULAA PowerBank (10,000 mAH)

See Aliexpress (At $10)

External powerful power bank charger also it price compression only $9.99 For Shipping charge free 

3 Output and 3 Device charging opportunity Also has 2 Output space

50% 🌀 charging Ensure just 30 minutes


  • About 2.2 Times possible to full charge your iphone And 1.8 times possible to Android device 
  • Voltage boosting Safely First charging, 3.75 V speed 
  • 50% Charge Just 30 minutes
  • 18 W High speed plug 3.5 hours fully loaded your powerbank
  • 9 protection circuit to safely charging

Product details

Price             : $9.99

Brand name : KUULAA

Size               : 14×6.7×1.6cm

Widget          : 235g

Reviews        : 4.7 out of 5 Star rating

Which portable charger is best for iPhone or your device comment Below to better experience and you can share this post on social media.

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