Facebook important privacy setting you should know

 Facebook important privacy

"Facebook's privacy settings essential elements for every Facebook user"

if you don't know about Facebook privacy then your Facebook account may will evil
particularly who people use Facebook in the present time of them lot of men unawareness about of Facebook privacy setting
we use Facebook for entertainment and learning are also daily info but here is like as information that we protect is the most important

I not tell your Facebook account will be lost but
awareness is great for any field
my Facebook account can't evils any online thief
but I able to keep secure my account

to keep secure your Facebook account so this setting will play a vital role in the future time

#1. Get Automatic alert when login your account

most of Facebook user lost their Facebook account because they are not use automatic alert service
when you or anyone login your Facebook account then this setting is automatically notified you via your email address

to on this setting then go to following this steps

(Facebook)main manu→setting→Get alert about unrecognized logins
( here is you can see of below 3 options)

#[1]  Notifications→(select)Get notifications
and click on save
#[2]  Messanger→(select)Get notifications
and click on save
#[3]  Email→Get Email alert and click on save
(if your email not have in before then add an email address that you use regularly)

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#2. Logged device and location information

sometime we login our Facebook account from friends or family member device, but we forget log out
this setting help to protect your Facebook account from access to another person
here is seen login information that which device you login this account, device name and login from where location
if your Facebook account login on other device
or other person you can see this
and you can remove all unknown device from here
for set up this setting

(Facebook) main man→setting→security and login→where you're logged in→(click right side) see all

here you see all device login details
if log out from all device then click on "LOG OUT OF ALL SESSIONS"

(Android chrome important setting)

#3. Who can see your friends lists

I use this setting "only me" because my all friends isn't trusted to me
it is important setting that when an unknown person see your friends lits then may it can be use for harmful work for evil your Facebook id or real life
also by using your friends lists anyone to do great problem in the future
so, you need to hide your friends lists

the setting process
(Facebook) main manu→setting→privacy setting→who can see your friends lists→see more→(select) only me
if also you can select public or friends you can it from here
but I seen for your friends lits you can see only

Also you can see this video to more advantage

Video : Payette Forward

#4. contact information

sometime we need to hide personal contact information for public and friends

As there is good friend and also have bad friend in our friend list who are often busy to doing harm others’
So, it is better to hide your phone number, Email and address in all time

The setting process
(Facebook) main manu→privacy shortcuts→Review a few important privacy settings→Who can see what you share→continue→here is can be change to privacy in your phone number, Email address, Birthday, hometown, work and more personal information

Also you can see

#5. Active status

this setting is help to you for use Facebook in any time
many people want to use Facebook any time, but they are can't use any time
because when he go to Facebook then they are boss or fellow see his active status
if you off this setting then can't know that you are online or offline

The setting process
(Facebook) main manu→setting→(scroll down) Active status→show when you're active→click off

I use shortcuts setting for your
if anyone can't use this setting properly then inform me via comment box I will help you shortly.
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