Why learn javascript programming language

 why learn javascript

Are you confused!
Can't decide why you should learn JavaScript or which program better
So, get started from here
Many times people ask in quora or other forum site to know for, is javascript enough for freelancing? This question most answers are: no javascript isn't enough for freelancing also you should know jquery, bootstrap and PHP But I think basic HTML and CSS and Javascript for enough for freelancing if properly learn lt
You'll be glad to know that javascript is worldwide number one programming language
You may know a proverb goes that As you sow, so you reap. If you want to earn money by webdevloping that you should hard hard work to learn program
At one time javascript was familiar as front end development, but present time  Javascript is a common programming language for font end and back end development, About 70% professional developer relying their work by javascript and node. Is is popular framework can be a full stacked language for server side program scripting.

Before know as why learn javascript a glance the establish history :

If you want to know about establishing a history of javascript Then you can see fast time it was established in 1995 at month of May and it's name was mocha after second edition name is Livescript this same year at month of September
Finally month of December in 1995 giving a name to javascript and it quickly gained popularity After in every month increase the library and framework Because the name of javascript gives for to do gain popularity comparable to the Java program

then we know why javascript is popular then other programming language

#1. Front end development

when first time release the javascript it was similar to the front end development, but most of developer used was back end devlop At the present time there has huge library for front end develop quickly Anyone could be easily present their front end devlop without jquery or other language the
  • Angular js
  • React js
  • Vue js Are most popular library for single page Application That work without loading That means a developer can be show data in real time in a single without any boring

#2. Back end development

Before we known as  javascript beginning the front end developers Also, probably you know about Node.js Guess it is one of the run time for back end developed Many people called the Node.js is a framework
There are huge library and framework for back end develop this between Express is a powerful framework of Node.js Also METEOR is outstanding for Back end and front end development In the present or future time
if any one to be a full stack devloper the only javascript is enough don't need to learn other programming languages

#3. Mobile Application development

When I am starting to learn javascript I don't know that it can be used for mobile application create or development
and there are lots of students confused here! that what is programming language perfect for you Many developers don't know that doable to develop mobile application by javascript At one time, if any one develops the Android application, then he must know Java or xml program

Again for developing the IOS then learn to swift program also need to a MacBook and huge time was lose for different different language But now anyone can be mobile develop to use javascript framework

Popular  frmework for Mobile app development
  • ionic
  • cordova
  • or React native

#4 Desktop development

The last thing you need is desktop development The modern age is the age of information technology, now the use of smartphones as well as desktops has increased So desktop application development is needed There are there item desktop Available Linux, Mac and windows And these are the opportunities for the development of JavaScript's Electron framework

Start learning  javascript

I personally used w3schools to Learn javascript, w3school is one of the best
you can use it to completely free
from Js introduction to Js object

more than 50 million monthly visitor comes and here 37% students comes to Asian countries.

finally i want to tell you that javascript script is userfriendly program and you get learning way from lot of source
here is huge youtube tutorial for Beginner's and also learn by Android, ios apps or via website
Actually, there has not any spicific way for complete learning program

i prefer you can start with youtube tutorial in your countries language or English language beacouse it is help to quickly learning to seen to practical way.
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