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Android chrome is one of them of the Google browser, particularly also it is called the most uses of browser and Android chrome is quickly gained popularity near the Android user

To think for the user this browser developed the expert google programmers who ensure the safe and speed browsing experience that help to secure a user password, email and credit card number.
When any user access to harmful or dangerous site then automatically notified and block this dangerous site.

Android chrome is quickly known as a Google product, However, the main feature of this browser is any website can be quickly access Without any risk
As a result smartphone and desktop are available as default browsers.

Android Chrome browser was released in 2012 Since then it updates almost every month for the convenience of the user
probably, we know as Google Chrome browser is default Android browser in a lot of device it is main reason to be a massive and popular browser.

(1) New incognito tab - To hide the browser history

this setting is help to a user for secure browsing.
Basically when we're browsing to a browser then browsing history is automatically saved this Android browser
but when a user browsing into New incognito tab then didn't save any history or cookie.

(2) Lite mode - To Saving mobile data

we are a lot of data spend for Internet browsing
if we could save the same data, How is it!
Actually it is good idea, because lite mode is saved 6% data to all browsing field.
So, Lite mode is amazing process for data save
but there has a disadvantage that page loading speed is slowly comparable to without Lite mode

(3) Password - To Save your password in browser

A secret element of Android chrome is password. To keep strong your security in online all account for this use strong password
particularly in the present time some of the website suggest that must be use strong password
in this field Android chrome automatically created the strong password and could be save here.

if your password is weak after then may be evils in future time
so always use combination strong password (ex: Letter, Number and symbol)
After that, if you not like the Android browser suggested password then you can create
it's your will
but always try to create strong password

To use Android chrome the great experience is here is you can see your saved password from Android Chrome browser
However, suddenly forget your password then see from here

(4) Safe browsing - To secure your credit and others information 

frequently of us require to visit one more website, but We do not know that which website is safe
Deductively, Android chrome is one of them for safe browsing
if your browser isn't safe then your online information may be lost by any online hackers

For this it helps to always securely browsing to ensure your password, email and credit card number etc.

(5) Automatically will notify while offline your device

when we are search in the search engine by Android chrome than rarely feel like internet connection is off or slow connection and As a result search is stop
So, fix this search problem android chrome bring the system for user facility
However, Google is the only search engine that can save search history too offline.
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